Our Team

Learn more about our Leadership, Sales Team and Staff. For Customer Service, please call 732-940-2211. 

Dawn Bazzurro

Phone: 732-940-2211  x1001
Email: dawnb@ecelighting.com

Paul Mazzeo
Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 732-940-2211  x1002
Email: pmazzeo@ecelighting.com

Ryan Cullinane
Director of Sales 

Phone: 732-940-2211  x1008
Email: ryanc@ecelighting.com

Julia Cangelosi
Office Manager / Accounting 

Phone: 732-940-2211  x1003
Email:  juliac@ecelighting.com


Daniel Bittner
Customer Service (Amityville, NY)

Phone:  732-940-2211  x1010

Email:  danb@ecelighting.com

Stephen DiRenzo
Inside/Outside Sales (Millstone Twp, NJ)

Phone:  732-940-2211
Email: sdirenzo@ecelighting.com

Chris Vallat
Outside Sales Manager (Flemington, NJ)

Phone:  908-310-7735
Email: chrisv@ecelighting.com

Michael Jenkins
Outside Sales Manager                                        (Pennsylvania & Maryland)

Phone:  814-322-6669
Email: mjenkins@ecelighting.com

Patrick Donato
Shop Manager (Kenilworth, NJ)

Phone:  732-940-2211
Email: pdonato@ecelighting.com

William Wolf
Receiving Manager 

Phone:  732-940-2211 x 1011

Email: Customerservice@ecelighting.com

Brad Griffin
Shop Manager (Tappan NY)

Phone:  732-940-2211 x 1009
Email: bradg@ecelighting.com

Russell Luedecker
Inside Sales (Kenilworth, NJ)

Phone: 732-940-2211x1005
Email: rluedecker@ecelighting.com

Louis Castro
Shop Manager (Millstone NJ)

Phone: 732-940-2211
Email: lcastro@ecelighting.com