All About Whelen

In 1952, George Whelen III invented the first rotating aviation beacon from inside his garage.
Whelen Engineering is a privately owned company, has grown significantly of the last six decades. They are extremely proud of their workforce whose commitment shows daily with their interactions with their customers. They value their employees by rewarding them with a profit-sharing plan established by the Whelen family when the company was first founded.

George’s innovation of the rotating beacon, helped launch Whelen into the automotive safety lighting industry as well. Currently, the people at Whelen provides safety lighting; Police, Fire, EMS and DOT professionals, including many other industries. The immense production volume in the Automotive section has lead Whelen to invest in the latest automated assembly equipment in order to compete world-wide. They continue to reinvest their ideas into helping to make this world a little safer.

“Those three words are what Whelen is all about. 'Trusted to Perform' means superior design, meticulous production, rigorous testing and total reliability in the field—where lives are on the line.”